XTray Rolling Bench with Trays - 8ft x 4ft


Size: 80cm (standard)
Option: No Trellis
Sale price£550.00


Rolling benches are one of the easiest and most practical additions to a hydroponic growing room and will increase productivity and efficient use of space. 

The increased airflow beneath the benches makes it easier for your climate control system to reduce humidity and reach its’ set goal while using less energy. Being hand adjusted, there is zero electrical hookups or power use. Rolling benches are the standard for growing efficiently.

This product is a complete kit; rolling bench, the trays and a fast flow drain connector - specially designed trellis supports can be added as an optional extra and can be fitted into recessed holes built into the bench making it so easy to manage and move your plants around.

  • The size of the table measures 244cm and 132cm
  • The height of the table is 31.5" (80cm) as standard. This is reduced to 17.5" (44.5cm) with the optional leg kit 
  • The tray is one single piece (not made up of parts)
  • The bench rolls a span of approx 155cm (full left to full right)
  • The tray made from durable high impact ABS plastic, 100% BPA free, square drainage patterns and rounded corners
  • The bench comes in a box 250cm long; this product is primarily currently pick up only! We will not send this as no courier will take it safely nor do it for less than a small fortune. However, we will work with you to arrange a courier and a price for its delivery

Optional XTray Trellis System

  • Save £50 by including the trellis support as part of the kit! £250 night separately as opposed to it being £200addon for this kit
  • XTrays Trellis Netting Support System maintains your trellis in place in order to keep plants stabilized on hydroponic trays.
  • Keeps heavy plants in place
  • Quick assembly
  • Space saver
  • Free aisles
  • Includes 4 beams, 2 short runners, 2 long runners and mounting hardware
  • Adjustable height

Bench Assembly Instructions

Trellis Assembly Guide

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