Wormganix Peat Free Worm Castings Soil Compost Fertiliser


Size: 1L
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Going peat-free is great for the environment, and since many new mixes have been developed in recent years for every need, your plants will be happy too.  Don't just listen to us, listen to the RHS who are using Wormganix in their peat-free transition project. Wormganix is sustainably produced in the UK.

  • Pure, living vermicompost - moist, fresh and alive with goodness
  • Chemical and peat-free natural fertiliser
  • Produced in the UK, 100% organic
These awesome worm castings are nature’s fertiliser! Absolutely teeming with trace elements, microbes, fungi and bacteria they’re an excellent soil conditioner and compost booster. Mix them in to invigorate soil or compost.

Worms are fed on a diet of high-quality composted forestry bark, raw recycled paper pulp and waste coffee grounds. They produce a rich earthy humus (vermicompost), scientifically proven to increase plant growth, soil aeration, moisture retention, natural pest resistance and protection from disease.

After processing, the product is sieved twice to achieve the right texture. Worms are rehomed into fresh substrate and kept safe and sound for their natural lifespan. Any residual bark is reused so nothing is wasted.

Suitable for all plants grown indoors and outdoors. You can also use this in terrariums as a growing media with no added substrate.

🌟 Discover the Magic of Wormganix Worm Castings! 🌱
Unearth the secret to thriving plants with our scientifically-backed super soil! It’s not just dirt; it’s a growth-boosting marvel, teeming with benefits like robust plant growth, superior soil aeration, exceptional moisture retention, and built-in pest resistance. Plus, it’s your garden’s shield against diseases. And guess what? It’s all natural—no peat, no chemicals. Just pure soil goodness!

🌿 Proudly Made in the UK with Organic Excellence 🇬🇧
Our worms are living the good life, munching on top-notch composted bark to create the richest, earth-friendly humus you’ll find. We double-sieve our castings for unmatched quality—just one whiff of that light, neutral scent and one glance at its dark, fluffy texture will show you why our worms are composting champions (and why they’re not bait for fishing)!

🌱 Wormganix: The Living Soil Revolution 🔄
While others import lifeless alternatives, Wormganix stands out with its vibrant vitality. You’ll need less and love it more! Mix it up with your soil or compost for an extraordinary fertilizing effect or soil conditioning. Our worm castings are brimming with life—moist, fresh, and bustling with beneficial microbes, fungi, and bacteria.

🌺 Transform Your Compost into a Living Oasis 🏝️
Elevate your compost game with Wormganix and watch as your garden becomes a living sanctuary of soil health. Packed with essential trace elements, it’s the ultimate organic feast for every plant—indoors or out. Say goodbye to chemical fertilizers; our natural blend is all you need for that organic touch.

🐛 Happy Worms for a Happy Garden 😊
We’re all about worm welfare here—no fishing industry detours for our wriggly friends! They’re on a mission to compost and create top-tier worm castings. Our focus on casting excellence means no shortcuts, no waste byproducts—just pure, peat-free, chemical-free perfection

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