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Moves in a figure 8 pattern - this new Wall Fan is the new generation of wall fans coming to the hydroponic industry.

It is of the utmost importance to ensure you have air mixed in your grow space to ensure any stale, damp, or CO2 air move around freely to help plants grow. Many growers complain about typical pedestal fans taking up too much room and not reaching the desired height needed. However, this fan will mount to your wall, saving you space and giving you the freedom to position it to any height needed. 

The key reason growers are now switching to this fan is because of its new circular oscillating pattern. Usual oscillating wall fans will move side to side. However, the Wind King will move in an ‘O’ shape making sure more air is mixed in your grow space.

Benefits of using Wind King Oscillating Wall Fan:

16″ fan ensuring loss of air movement. 

3 different speed settings.

Wall-mounted – saving space.

5 blades for even better air movement.

The motor is thermally protected.

Reliable and long-lasting.

‘O’ shaped circular oscillation pattern meaning the air will mix above and below.

On and off oscillating feature.

How to use:

Ensure you put this product in a place where it is at a good height to treat the tops of the plants. Using the mountings provided, fix the Wind King to the wall and run power from a mains outlet socket. Set your desired speed by turning the power switch. To turn your oscillation on and off, pull the cord at the bottom.

Power: 120v, 60Hz

Max amps: 5A

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