Origin Replacement Trays / Lids


Option: Small 4 Pot - 60 x 60cm
Sale price£25.00


The Origin Replacement tray optimizes your Origin systems to ensure that your crops receive the perfect balance of nutrients. These Origin spares support strong crop development and promote increased harvest yields.

The Origin system spares are made of premium materials for durability and an extensive lifespan. Growers worldwide rely on the Origin replacement tray to replace lost, damaged, or old trays and ensure the exceptional functioning of their growing systems.

General Information

  • The product belongs to the top-quality range of system spares designed to ensure excellent operation of the Origin systems;
  • The product optimizes your grow system;
  • The unit is designed to ensure exceptional functioning of the grow system;
  • It's made for use only with Origin units.


  • The Origin spares unit is high-performance and efficient;
  • It's made of premium materials for increased resistance and durability;
  • It's long-lasting and provides the necessary support for strong crop development;
  • The product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly;
  • It's easy to install and easy to use.

The Science

The Origin replacement tray is a top-quality system spares unit made to replace old, damaged, or lost trays. Growers worldwide use the tray to ensure the optimum functioning of their grow system.

How to Use

Use the product according to the manufacturer's specifications. Store the unit in a safe and dark place, and keep it away from dangerous chemicals or solutions. Keep the product away from extreme temperatures and out of children's reach. Make sure you wear protective clothing whenever you're handling the product.

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