Wachsen 4ft Rolling Benches with Trays


Size: 2.4m to 4m
Option: No Trellis
Sale price£1,208.00


Made by professionals for professionals - Wachsen products are becoming the go-to choice for commercial and small-scale growers alike.

This product is a complete kit for the rolling bench and trays with optional trellis supports - trellis supports are be fitted into recessed holes built into the bench making it so easy to manage and move your plants around. 

These are the exact tables you see in all the big facilities in the USA...and they're now in the UK ! Wachsen rolling benches are built-to-last, patent-pending and are modular in design. These benches can effortlessly roll left-right, with 8" of travel on either side.  If you just want the trays though, no problem! 

  • The total exterior width is about 133cm (52.5")
  • The minimum length listed is achieved by cutting the front tray (tray cutting guide here)
  • The height of the table is 77cm but the legs can be cut
  • The vertical trellis posts can be cut
  • Tables roll 20cm on each side 
  • The rolling "wheel" sticks out about 6" (so factor that in when choosing the length of your table)
  • This WILL arrive to you on pallets if ordering online 
  • If you just want the trays, they are available here
  • Bench Assembly Instructions
  • Tray Assembly Guide
  • Detailed Specs

All Wachsen products are manufactured using industry-leading methods with quality, food-grade materials to keep all crops safe and clean.  Each tray is made from durable high-impact ABS plastic, 100% BPA free, square drainage patterns and rounded corners.


  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt-proof and innovative design
  • Lockable, reinforced nylon fiber feet
  • All hardware is made of SS304 Stainless Steel
  • Heavy-duty plastic corners

Why Professinal Opt for Wachsen Pro

Sturdy Construction- Made of food-grade galvanized steel, aluminium T5, stainless steel 204 nylon fiber and heavy-duty polypropylene

Quick Assembly- All of Wachsen’s products have been engineered to assemble and disassemble quickly

Reliable Service- With no minimum order requirements and a ready-to-ship inventory

Limited Lifetime Warranty- Lifetime warranty on all polypropylene and nylon fiber parts. 2 year warranty on metallic structure and trellis supports.

Ease of Use- Designed with ergonomic principles and practical engineering

Sanitary- Manufactured so that water cannot stagnate or infiltrate anywhere

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