Vortex Floor Fan


Size: 9"
Sale price£26.99


Vortex Floor Fans offer you a fantastic performance in terms of long-term reliability, quiet operation and impressive airflow. The strong and sturdy build quality and three speed settings makes them an excellent choice if you’ve got an indoor garden, conservatory or greenhouse (connected to mains) filled with plants. These high-velocity products promise to move huge volumes of air, even across large cultivation areas! 

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Each model boasts an industrial-style design, epitomised by the mesh safety cradle and robust chrome metal frame and handle – which allows you to tilt the head and move your fan from place to place quickly and easily.

  • Proven to be reliable, quiet and powerful
  • Strong and sturdy thanks to a robust metal frame
  • High level of control provided by three speed settings
  • Ideal for indoor gardens, conservatories and greenhouses (with power)
  • Showcase a professional chrome finish
  • Direct airflow using the adjustable tilt stand
  • Mesh safety cradle keeps your fingers safe
  • Lightweight, compact design will easily fit into the smallest of spaces
  • Carry handle makes for easy transportation
  • Reliablity Is Key

The base of each Vortex Floor Fan features rubber feet to provide solid and sturdy support, whilst also minimising noise. There’s also an adjustable head for directing air to specific areas of your grow room.

Safe And Durable
Vortex Floor Fans are manufactured from chrome for safety and durability. The face of the fan also has a chrome finger-safe mesh grill for extra protection.

Professional Chrome Finish
Thanks to the chrome finish, these fans look the part and – more importantly – cope with harsh grow room environments.

3 Speed Control
Take full control of your Vortex Floor Fan courtesy of the three-speed settings. At the simple push of a button you can choose the preferred mode of operation.

Compact And Lightweight
Lightweight and of a small size that’ll fit into most grow rooms, Vortex Floor Fans are easy to reposition and move around. On top of this, the attached carry handle also helps with transportation when necessary.

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