Veg + Bloom - Tap / Hard Base

Size: 1lb
Sale price£19.00


VEG+BLOOM TAP/HARD is great for all hydroponic applications. Whether you prefer rock wool or grow stones, TAP/HARD will give you results. It is a more acidic formula that is specifically designed for neutralizing alkaline water supply, (200+PPMS or .4-.7 EC).

Feed Chart can be found here

When you dissolve VEG+BLOOM into your water, the resulting solution will contain the essential nutrients for maximum growth potential. Use +LIFE and SHINE for optimum results.

VEG+BLOOM provides a simple, easy and complete solution for maximizing the production of your crop. They make products that promote the growth of healthy hydroponic plants. With the right nutritional support, hydroponic plants grow up to 50%faster than they do in soil.

VEG+BLOOM is a concentrated powder while many competitors suspend their nutrients in a heavy liquid. This makes VEG+BLOOM significantly less expensive to ship.

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