Veg+Bloom One - Dirty Base (Soil)

Size: 1lb
Sale price£24.00


VEG+BLOOM DIRTY is formulated for growing mediums like soil and peat. It contains alkalinity and Cation exchange enhancers, which makes it compatible with premixed media products like Promix, Sunshine and Light Warrior. Use +LIFE and SHINE for optimum results.

Feed Chart can be found here

NOTE: This product contains natural ingredients and therefore may create some undissolved sediment and biofilm. For a completely soluble formula, see RO/SOFT and TAP/HARD.

VEG+BLOOM provides a simple, easy and complete solution for maximizing the production of your crop. They make products that promote the growth of healthy plants.

VEG+BLOOM is a concentrated powder while many competitors suspend their nutrients in a heavy liquid. This makes VEG+BLOOM significantly less expensive to ship.

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