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The Mini Fogger Sprayer is a ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) mist dispenser. Ultra low volume means this sprayer will dispense high amounts of liquids at low pressure, which turns the liquid into a mist for greater coverage.

The Mini Fogger is wireless, with up 2 hours effective battery life dependent on use, effective distance for the device is approx 2m away from desired surface. The sprayer can be used in your home, office, public areas and on clothing depending on the liquid you are using.

IMPORTANT: Ensure sprayer is flushed with clean water for 30 seconds after use to prevent clogging.

How To Use:

Fill with Solution pre mixed at the Correct Dilution Ration, once solution is ready connect to the VAPR Nano Spray Gun and turn on, there is 2 setting high and low. Spray plants directly because of the nano technology you do not need to spray until run off the fine mist will saturate and penetrate the leaf surface area giving you effective and fast Treatment

Fill with ONA Liquids and spray to eliminate odours in the grow room or around the Growing Space

Built in UV Light to kill all Bacteria great for getting rid of Mildew and Bud Rot

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