Craft Farmer Undercanopy Lights v3 120w


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The upgraded Craft Farmer Undercanopy V3 120w lights! ROIs off the scale 📈

Why ignore 50% of the plant? 🤷‍♂️ 

Every growers secret yield boosting weapon.  "Will not grow without them ever again!" Do not miss out. 

The results show a clear increase in yield with and without. Theres no magic juju; buy them, put them in your room, and get more yield from the lowers where traditionally there is no light penetration. 

Same IP66 water-rated (Dust-tight and protected against strong jets of water)

  • Remote control wire available (so you can hook them up to Trolmaster using LMA14 adapter)
  • Aluminium housing for better heat displacement
  • Samsung and Osram diodes
  • Color temp: 7500k
  • PPF: 336umols (total light output)
  • Efficacy: 2.8umol/j (PPF divided by 120W)
  • Dimensions: 112 x 2.9 x 3.7cm
  • Weight 0.95kg
  • Input voltage 120v-277v
  • Input Power 120w

These are the genuine bonafide Craft Farmer v3 lights imported directly from Craft Farmer. Do not fall for inferior fakes, copycats professing its the same light without the Craft Farmer label. Craft Farmer have tested the sh1t out of his lights and stands by them unequivocally.

Unleash the true potential of your crops with Craft Farmer’s revolutionary under-canopy lights. 

Designed to optimize growth and maximize yields, Craft Farmer’s state-of-the-art lighting technology is redefining the way you cultivate your grows. #GAMECHANGING #TheHydroBros

What You Get:

You can purchase as single bars (to upgrade an existing system) or as kits. Note that single bars are sent individually (ie will not come in the sexy Craft Farmer box!) - kits will come boxed in pairs that contain ONE power cable and ONE light daisy chain (can also be used to extend the power cable).

Each bar measures 112cm long, the power cords are 6ft and the daisy chain is 3ft. To connect each bar, you can connect them end-end without a cable. However, you will need a daisy chain if you want to turn a corner / create a new row (one daisy chain is included in each kit)

Option 120w Bars UK Power cables Link lead*
Single bar 1 0 0
2 Bar Kit (1 box) 2 1 1
4 Bar Kit (2 boxes) 4 1 1
6 Bar Kit (3 boxes) 6 1 1
8 Bar Kit (4 boxes) 8 1 1
10 Bar Kit (5 boxes) 10 1 1


*you dont have to use the link lead to connect them. Theyre just used to turn a corner. EVERY KIT IS SET UP TO RUN TWO ROWS MAX.  IF YOU WANT MORE ROWS, YOU WILL NEED  ANOTHER EXTENSION CABLE.

  • Single bar - this is for just the bar, ie does not come in the branded box or with any cables
  • 3ft link lead / power extension Cable - used to turn corners / create another row of lights (otherwise bars connect end-to-end together without any cables) . Or you can use it to extend the power cables.
  • Dimmable Power Cord;
    • plug one end into the electrical wall socket,
    • the other one goes into the undercanopy.
    • Finally the 'pigtails' (two stripped electrical ends) wire into the Trolmaster LMA-14 lighting adapter
  • Power cable - The power cables is UK standard head. The power cables in the box are voltage sensing from 120 - 277v. The amount of lights you can daisy chain together depends on the voltage you are running them out. See below:
    • 120v = 8 pieces @ 1 Amps Each
    • 208v = 13 pieces @ .57 Amps Each
    • 240v = 15 pieces @ .5 Amps Each
    • 277v = 18 pieces @ .43 Amps Each

Unlock Hidden Potential: Take your cultivation to the next level by illuminating the often-neglected undercanopy area. Craft Farmer’s advanced lights penetrate deep into the plant canopy, stimulating lower flower sites and promoting even, robust growth from top to bottom. The Hydro Bros.

Amplify Yields: Experience remarkable increases in yield and harvest quality. Craft Farmer’s undercanopy lights deliver the perfect balance of spectrum, intensity, and coverage, ensuring that every harvest receives the attention it deserves.

Scientifically Engineered: Developed through meticulous research and testing, Craft Farmer’s lights are backed by scientific principles. We have carefully fine-tuned the spectrum to optimize every compound and terpene production, resulting in potent, aromatic, and highly desirable grows.

Energy-Efficient Design: Craft Farmer’s undercanopy lights are engineered for maximum energy efficiency, minimizing power consumption without compromising performance. Save on energy costs while achieving exceptional results.

Durability and Reliability: Crafted with durability in mind, Craft Farmer’s lights are built to withstand the demanding conditions of commercial cultivation. With a focus on reliability, they will provide consistent performance, harvest after harvest.

Elevate your cultivation game and upgrade to Craft Farmer’s state-of-the-art undercanopy lights and witness the remarkable difference they make in your yields and overall crop quality.

Your success is just a light away!


Note: these will not link with previous versions of the Craft Farmer. 

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