Phresh Hyperfan Silenced EC Fans - V2


Size: 6" - 560 m3/h
Sale price£260.00


Stealth Phresh Hyper Fans utilise extra casing and dampening foam to produce extremely low noise levels. EC fans are energised 12 times per revolution, compared to 2 -4 times with AC motors and the blades are based on jet engines.

EC fans are quieter (less rattling and vibrating of your airflow), and to really stomp on the noise, these silenced EC fans have a lightweight acoustic foam layer and silencing canister.

The V2 editions improve on the originals by delivering even greater levels of static pressure, increased airflow and a higher degree of controllability (from 0% to 100%). V2s are also compatible with a larger selection of controllers; such as the EC Fan Speed Controller, EC1 and EC5. Make the switch to a digital fan and you won't look back.

In summary, a more powerful fan, that lasts longer, reduces noise and is up to 50% cheaper to run than of AC fans! To add extra value, the fan has heavy-duty, self-lubricating ball bearings that last longer and prolong your fan life.

A tethered fan speed controller is included with this unit, which allows you to manage airflow levels straight out of the box. It's worth bearing in mind that it is not temperature sensitive - if you want to regulate fan speeds according to room conditions, then you'll need to buy a separate controller.

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