Phresh EC HyperFan V2

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Size: 5" - 350m3/h
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Phresh Hyper Fans have solidified themselves as market leaders for EC duct fans. The older V1 model is one of the industries best sellers due to its reliable high performance and great efficiency. The V2 builds on this reputation, with all the great features you’re used to with much better performance in terms of air moved and static pressure produced under load – like when filters and ducting are fitted.

Comes with its own manual speed dial controller, but you will need this pack 16 adaptor if you wish to connect it to any Global Air Supplies Fan Controllers!

Don't forget to Your garden’s environment is one of the key factors in getting good results in terms of yield and quality – HyperFans give the grower control of their environment to cope with the heat of an indoor garden throughout the year.

The greater performance of the V2 is down to the new motor – using a 9 pole Brushless Motor instead of a 7 Pole like the V1, the new V2 Hyperfan motor is able to produce more pressure for higher airflow and is also noticeably quieter during operation than the V1.

HyperFan v2


Max Airflow
Max Draw
Peak Amps Weight
Cost of running
(365 24/7 @ 17p kw/h)
150 mm / 6 Inch 560 42 0.3 1.9 £62.55
200 mm / 8 Inch 1230 90 0.7 2.8 £134.03
250 mm / 10 Inch 1840 170 1.1 3 £253.17

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