Uvonair UltraViolet (UV) Ozone Generator


Size: Uvonair 1000 - 30m3
Sale price£250.00


Are you sure your odor is being eliminated? Be sure with UVONAIR®! The ONLY choice for quality INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH ODOR ELIMINATORS! It doesn't just mask odors, IT DESTROYS IT!

  • Uvonair – Makers of high quality ozone generators
  • Uvonair 1000, 3000 and 5000 – for use inside your grow-room
  • Produces 7.2mg, 29mg or 47mg per hour, dependning on the model
  • Professional quality
  • Drastically reduces odours
  • Inhibits mould and bacterial infections - useful in helping to contain powdery mildew
  • Incredibly effective in rooms up to 5000 cubic feet (for the largest model)

Plug and play; the uvon air neutralises odours and inhibits moulds and bacteria in the air. Great for eradicating smells and keeping your grow room free of infections


  • Uvonair 1000 - 6-inch; covers 30 cubic metres (1000 cubic feet)
  • Uvonair 3000 - 11-inch; covers 100 cubic metres (3000 cubic feet)
  • Uvonair 5000 - 14 inch; covers 150 cubic metres (5000 cubic feet)

Using the In-Room Ozone Generator

Ozone is heavier than air; place it high up and make sure neither end if obstructed so air can flow freely. Plug it in and switch it on! Bye bye smells, mould and bacteria!

Note: too much ozone is harmful to humans and animals. We recommend as a precaution for smaller rooms to plug it in to a timer.

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