Urb Natural

URBSKU: 1962

Size: 1L
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URB is a first class 100% natural plant additive. Tried and tested in over 40 countries and 80 universities. Growers who use URB Natural report massive differences in their plants development including root mass, larger size, more color, flowers and larger yields.

Aiding your plants plants from the get go URB Natural microbial will protect your plants further from disease and promote, meaning there is a lesser need for disease controlling products.

URB Natural usage:
Shake the bottle well for 15 seconds and apply as below:

Soil-less and Soil : Mix 30 ml/gal of water or nutrients for initial inoculant and 15 ml/gal and incorporated into normal watering / nutrient instructions continuously throughout growing cycle. For final flushing use 10ml/gal.

Hydroponics : Mix 5-10 ml/gal each week throughout growing.

Foliage Application : Mix 10 ml/ Urb Natural to 1 gal and spray plant during the first 5-7 weeks of vegetative growth only. DO NOT SPAY DURING FLOWER.

Using URB Natural will bring the below benefits including:

Stronger plant more resilient to diseases
More robust plants, more flower and bigger yields
100% Natural Containing no GMO's
High Quality Humate Carrier for Microbes

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