Ugro Rhiza Coco Block


Size: 11L (Small)
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The U-Gro Coco Rhiza Brick is light and small, making for uber discrete transportation and storage - brilliant!

Tired of going up to a top-floor apartment with 50L bags of soil? Ugro, make it light work! XL Rhiza has the same properties as the XL original but has been enriched with endo mycorrhizae.

What is Mycorrhizae? In short, it creates an exchange network between the plant and the soil. The mycorrhizae create a microscopic superhighway where they can wedge between individual bits of soil to cover almost every available cubic millimetre of the pot.

The plant services this highway by giving up some of its sugars. In return, they are connected to every crevice of the plants growing media, increasing surface area and allowing the plants much greater access to nutrients than they could get by themselves. For many plants living under difficult conditions they wouldn’t be able to survive at all without mycorrhizae.

UGro Coco Block is a densely and packed compressed brick of coco coir that expands when soaked! Available in 11 or 70 litres. Just add pH-adjusted water and watch it expand!

The UGro XL coco block, with the addition of 18 litres of water, turns a 5-pound block of dried and pressed UGro standard coconut grit into 70 litres of high-quality coconut substrate with valuable nutrients for your plants.

The Coco Block saves space, is economical and doesn´t sacrifice any valuable nutrients that will help your plants achieve the best growth possible.

The coconut substrate is characterized by low fibre content and consists of finely granulated coconut grit. The Coco Block is suitable for all plant growth, indoors and outdoors, and is particularly recommended for short-term and seasonal breeding cycles.

Washed with soft water, buffered and conserves natural Trichoderma.


  • Composition: Cocopeat with low percentage of fibres
  • Water holding capacity: 910%
  • pH: 5.5-6.5 EC (1:1,5): ‹0,6 mS/cm
  • Volume: 70 L = 18.5 gallons
  • Net Weight: 5 kg

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