TrolMaster - Tent X Base Station (TCS-1)

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The Tent-X (TCS-1) is the Hydro X and Aqua X combined in one unit so it can run environment modules (eg. lighting adapters, co2 modules) AND the Aqua modules (eg. water content, EC and PH sensors).

Who is this for: Trolmaster is great for bigger grows, but laying out the cost to have both Hydro and Aqua stations is hefty if you've just a 4x4ft tent. So the Tent-X merges the two giving you access to all the modules with only the price of one station. 


- The TCS-1 system comes with a 3-in-1 temperature, humidity, and light/photocell sensor (MBS-TH) for accurate environmental monitoring.

- The Tent-X's SENSOR port allows for daisy-chaining additional environmental sensors, such as the CO2 sensor (MBS-S8), the full-spectrum quantum sensor (MBS-PAR), and smoke and water detectors.

- Connect the AMP-3 Sensor Board and available pH/EC probes to measure nutrient water pH, EC, and temperature.

- Monitor grow medium water content %, EC, and temperature with the WCS-1 OR WCS-2 Water Content Sensor.

- Tent-X 24-7 monitoring triggers local and remote alarm notifications if a problem arises.

- Connect up to Ten DS-type plug-on control modules to control the environment and irrigation.

- Use EFC-1 Fan modules to control two separate EC-type ventilation fans for precise temperature and humidity control.

The TCS-1 can be remotely monitored and controlled using the free TM+Pro app and an internet connection to the Tent-X. Get ready to experience optimal plant growth with the Tent-X!

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