TrolMaster Digital CO2 PPM Controller Beta-8


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BETA-8 Digital CO2 PPM Controller offers a practical and affordable way to control your CO2 injection devices (CO2 regulator & generator). In short, plug in your co2 device (eg a burner or gas regulator) into this device; the included sensor then measures the amount of CO2, > sends it back to the Beta-8 unit > Beta-8 sends a signal (according to the set programme) to open/close the device that controls the Co2.

  • LED Display, Easy Operation
  • Built-In Photocell Detecting Day/Night Status
  • Alternative Humidifying or Dehumidifying Function
  • CO2 Sensor with 16 ft Cable for Close Placement to Plant Canopy

The BETA-8 features a high-quality remote CO2 sensor (with 16ft cable) and a built-in photocell to automatically activate your supplemental CO2 system to maintain CO2 PPM levels only during daylight hours.

The BETA-8 also has an adjustable deadband and min-max recall. It also has a ‘fuzzy-logic’ feature which will more accurately control compressed CO2 systems. The CO2 sensor can be easily re-calibrated and will continue to operate accurately for many years.

Instructions on use can be found here


  • Input Voltage: 120 Volts AC
  • Output Relay Rating: 10A
  • Fuse Rating: 6A/250V~
  • AC Power Cord Length: 1.8m
  • CO2 Control Range: 400-2000 PPM
  • CO2 Deadband Range: 20-200 PPM
  • CO2 Accuracy: ±50 PPM
  • CO2 Sensor Type: NDIR (Nondispersive Infrared)
  • Packaging Dimensions: 275mm(L) x 87mm(W) x 94mm(H) Gross Weight: 0.56kgs


  • 1 x CO2 PPM Controller
  • 1 x CO2 Sensor

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