TrolMaster - Hydro X Lighting Control Adapters


Option: LMA-10
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The Hydro-X System can control most lighting systems that offer a low Volt control option.

If you have a Maxibright or Lumatek LED, you will need LMA-14 and also need this 0-10v adapter (i know its by Lumatek, but it works on the Maxibright - they have the same connections!) 

The LMA adapters allow the Hydro-X to be used with many brands of HID, CMH and LEDs to control Dimming on/off Functions. Certain Light Manufactures use a special communication protocol that requires one of the following LMA Adapters in order to control those lights:

LMA-10 – Controls Gavita Lighting

LMA-14 (F Type) - This LMA-14 lighting adapter is specially designed to control the LED fixtures or any lights with 0-10V protocal.  Luxx, Grower's Choice, NanoLux, Gavita, Fluence, Bios, Scynce, 2 Wire 0-10V Dimming Meanwell Driver, and 0-10V Ballasts. 

LMA-12 – Controls Dimlux Ballasts

LMA 15 – Controls DLI Ballasts

LMA T - For ThinkGrow LEDs

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