Triminator - "Mini" DRY Leaf Trimming machine


Sale price£4,300.00


Triminator -  "Mini" DRY Leaf Trimming machine - the ultimate tabletop machine to separate the leaves from your fruits!

There are many trimmers on the market, many inferior and many from china, the truth is when it comes to leaf trimmers you need to buy quality and you need to buy American, this is that trimmer.  Proprietary material reduces need for lubricants and reduces friction by eliminating metal on metal interfaces.

H 36in x W 24in x L 36in


Disassemble without tools in 15 seconds or less with innovative turn-loc system. Pull Pin system makes loading, trimming and emptying the machine quick and easy.

Impact Free

Gentle patented tumble design designed for minimal damage to your apples, pears, and any fruits

Miltary Grade

Military grade materials mean the Dry was made to be used and made to be easy to maintain. Clean up is a breeze with a pressure washer.


Designed to go anywhere. Simply roll it to your apple trees and trim on the go!


Load it , set the timer, and come back when done. Them apples, pears and all fruits will be ready, juicy, and leafless when you come back! 

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