Trim Buddy Electric Table Trimmer v2.0


Sale price$268.53


New and improved the V2. Trimmer features unique upgrades to improve the efficiency, safety and quality of the final product.

Value Leaf Table trimmer - 3 Speed 18", This stand Leaf trimmer is used for separating protruding excess leaves and cutting twigs from a variety of plants and flowers. They can also be used to cut plants and bushes like thyme, chives, basil, dill.

  • Adjustable HeightNo more backache.
  • Stronger Sturdy Base – Stays put
  • Recessed Screws For a closer cut.
  • New Safety CoverElectronics completely sealed.
  • New Gloss Finish Easier cleaning.
  • Anodized Fan No risk of paint flecks contamination.
  • Carry/Storage Bag – Discreet and portable.

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