Toms Tumbler - 3000


Sale price£5,179.00


Size: tbc

Soil Capacity: Upto 7kg per cycle !

Want better soil? This amazing soil sieve/soil sifter removes the backbreaking work!

The TTT 3000 is the largest in the range (bigger than 1600, 1900, 2100, 2600) and is also motorised.

This is a great addition for growers looking to sift soil fast, to ensure they give their plants the best start with the softest soil and free of any rubble! 

The TTT 3000 includes a funnel-shaped flow bag and a clear removable dust cover for viewing the finishing process. Also includes two nets that go straight to the tumbler after cutting and splitting. Cutting and sorting is done using 1/2 and 1/4 inch mesh nets. Put your soil on the net with some dry ice and easily catch soft soil in the bag and dust cover.

The TTT 3000 has a larger powder-coated steel frame, larger tumbler (30 ") for greater capacity, a powerful heavy-duty motor. Includes three mesh screens for sifting, separating and extracting that soft soil. Comes as standard with stainless steel flow funnel.

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