ThinkGrow Model One 90w LED Driver 4 Channel (TLD-4)

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The TLD-4 works with the 4 spectrum light bars; 4ft long TLB-1 or 5ft long TLB-2 LED light bars from ThinkGrow. These drivers need to be mounted - usually using unistrut (not included).

Note 1: If you have 2 channel Thinkgrow light bars, you'll need the 2 channel driver (TLD-2) - note the two categories are not interchangeable, ie you can not use 2 channel light bars on a 4 channel driver!!

Note 2: this is for the driver only - no light bars, cables or unistrut are included

Note 3: you can link up to 8 x 4 channel drivers to a 240v power source

The TLD-4, is a modular plug-and-play LED driver that is designed to operate a single 90-watt LED bar. Since the TLD-4 is a modular driver, it can be combined with additional TLD-4 drivers to create a complete lighting system that can fit into any size space, and provide up to 1400 umol of light.

It features four spectrum control channels and can be connected to a TrolMaster HCS or TCS controller to allow for remote control and independent settings for each of the four channels. That provides the ability to have customized lighting spectrum and timing control. The TLD-4 works with the 4ft long TLB-1 or 5ft long TLB-2 LED light bars from ThinkGrow.

What is the Model One System?

The ThinkGrow Model One System is a modular grow light system designed to allow users to customize their lighting setup and to provide even lighting for all shape and size spaces.

The Model One System combines LED light bars, individual LED drivers, and integrated communications & power cords to create a complete lighting system. Growers can plug-and-play FIVE different types of LED bars to further customize their system. Each LED bar is listed at 90 Watts of light. Growers can position each of the Model One drivers close together for high PPFD applications like flowering, or space them further apart for small plants vegetative areas that do not require high PPFD.

The Model One System provides two types of replaceable LED drivers. The standard model driver is called the TLD-2 and features 2 channels of control, with each channel controlling a certain type of LED diode on the bars. The TLD-4 driver offers 4 channels of advanced spectrum control allowing Full-spectrum, Deep Red, Far Red, and UV diodes to control separately. Using either model will allow growers to change the light spectrum according to the different stages of their plants.

The LED Drivers your system will use will depend on the LED Bars you select. The TLD-2 (Two Channels) can support the DR-1 and FR-1 LED Bars (Deep-Red & Far Red). The TLD-4 (Four Channel) can support the TLB-1 and TLB-2 LED Bars. The TLB-1 & TLB-2 both support x4 Spectrum Control (Full-spectrum, Deep Red, Far Red, and UV) but the TLB-1 is 4-Feet in length and the TLB-2 is 5-Feet in length.


Thinkgrow Model One Two Channel Setup

Thinkgrow Model One Four Channel Setup

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