THB Clone LED 18w (pair)

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THBSKU: 7222

Length: Long (112cm)
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The THB Clone LED Lights (2 x 18w) are available in 112cm or 57cm lengths as linkable pairs. No additional cables are required. 

More PAR, more efficient, and the perfect light to keep your babies happy.  Way more superior and efficient than traditional T5 tubes, these lights will promote quick rooting, increase overall plant health, and vigorous early growth in stem cuttings and seedlings.

THB Clone 18w LEDS will give your little ones the perfect start and keep any mother more than happy. 

  • Power: 18w
  • Comes as  pair and includes mounting brackets and zip ties
  • Colour 9000k
  • IP66 Rated
  • 4ft Specs:  2.55 umol/j, 112cm length
  • 2ft Specs:  2.4 umol/j, 57cm length

Pair with the Garden High Pro Box Propagation Tents for the perfect cuttings tent

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