Systemair Revolution Stratos AC Fan


Size: 6" (439m3/h)
Sale price$178.00


The Systemair Revolution Stratos AC Fan has set the industry standard for inline fans. It's the go-to option for most growers.

The unit moves enormous volumes of air in silence and is carefully-engineered casing reduces the noise without affecting airflow. The fans are available in 3 versions, including 150 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm. This extractor fan is made to be robust and run quietly. The devices comprise an elegant, lightweight, and compact design. When used with a carbon filter, the extractor fan loses little pressure.

General Information

  • Systemair uses high-end technology in the Stratos AC Fan;
  • The motor is sealed in a compact casing;
  • The unit is available in 3 sizes - 150 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm;
  • The device comprises an innovative impeller design, which efficiently moves huge volumes of air in a straight line.


  • The fan is made at Systemair's highest quality standards;
  • The unit has an elegant and compact design, and it's corrosion-proof;
  • The device is lightweight, easy to use, and easy to install;
  • The unit losses little pressure when used together with a carbon filter;
  • The device comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Science

The fan's performance is achieved thanks to the innovative design of the blades and the impeller, which move the air through the fan. The flow-optimised impeller and the double-balanced fan blades ensure optimum performance. The guide veins, which are built into the fan's casing ensure that the air is re-directed in a straight line. The unit's motor is brushless and spins on its axis thanks to magnetic induction. The casing of the unit is sealed and waterproof. The complete fan unit is installed inside the sound-proof casing, which makes the device silent.

How to Use

The units are already wired up when delivered. Connect the fan to the extraction system. It's easy to hand the fan and connect it to ducting. You'll find hanging brackets on each side of the device. Use the fan together with CarboAir 60 carbon filters to achieve the right airflow each time. The Revolution Stratos AC fan is compatible with all AC fan controllers. Use an automated controller to adjust the temperatures in your grow room.

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