Sunking - Parabolic Reflector (Medium)


Size: White
Sale price£50.00


Sun King provides high-quality reflectors with high-quality components.
This parabolic reflector measures 80cm in diameter and 29cm in height, and is made up of individual panels with a vented top section to reduce heat build up. The unusual vertical mounting of the lamp allows more light to be reflected down towards the plant from the curved white panels of the reflector. This also creates a more even distribution of light and so helps to avoid uneven growth of plants.

Supplied with E40 lamp holder and IEC lead. To be constructed - No lamp

• Vertical burning bulb/lamp allows you to position your reflector closer to your plants and reduce hotspots.
• Ventilated 'Heat Escape' top plate ensures minimal heat build up.
• For use with Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (HQI) Lamps & Bulbs up to 1000w.

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