SMS Twin Fan Controller


Size: 4.5A SMS Twin Fan Controller
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The SMS 4.5 amp Twin Controller MK2 is a great addition to your ventilation system. It will run 2 fans to help create the environment you want for your plants. The unit is easy enough to set up ? simply plug the fans into the front of the box and plug the box into the wall. Job done! All the power requirements for the fans will come through the box. This version will take the load from higher amp fans that add up to or less than 4.5 amps.

The SMS 4.5 amp Twin Controller MK2 will create optimal pressure inside your room when in combination with 2 different size fans. Make sure to plug the larger fan into the ?outtake? socket and the smaller fan into the ?intake? socket. Then, select the minimum speed you would like your fans to run at using the left dial. Select the temperature you want to maintain in the room with the centre dial. Finally, select the maximum speed for your fans with the right hand dial. Run the temperature sensor into the room and hang it in the middle of the growing area. The SMS Twin Controller is now ready to go!

When you first switch the unit on, it will scan the room for 5-10 minutes and calculate the best settings for the space. From then on it will constantly adjust the fan speeds to keep the right environment in your room. SMS claim their new Motion Flow technology differs from mechanical controllers and will help keep fan noise down to a minimum. Great news as this usually a problem when dimming down fan speeds.

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