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The masters at Shogun Fertilisers have been hard at work developing a new addition to the Shogun Nutrients Range that will enhance your plants root zone environment and in turn, lead to improved plant health and yield

Zen Zyme reinvigorates the growth media by breaking down and re-using dead root material and plant matter that will in turn promote increased root growth and enhance the overall health of the plants root system.

The beneficial enzymes that make up Shogun Zenzym are a mixture of cellulase, xylanase, pectinase and glucanase, these immediately get to work unlocking valuable nutrients by breaking down plant debris and old root matter and converting them into minerals and sugars, making readily available nutrients to your plants.

Growth media that is left containing old plant and root material can also be a breeding ground for nasties such as pests, pathogens and harmful bacteria that can lead to irreversible disease and damage which could also impact your plants yield potential. But by using Zenzym and breaking down this matter, you will not only reduce the spread of harmful bacteria but also free up precious pockets of oxygen around the root system aiding in the formation of increased root networks.

  • Helps to keep recirculating systems clean, while increasing the longevity of pumps and preventing dripper and pump blockages
  • Destroys harmful organisms that live off nutrient flows to your plant, making nutrient uptake more efficient.
  • Breaks down dead root debris in the growth media/system releasing nutrients back to the plants
  • Allows for the re-use/recycling of growth media such as coir fibre for another cycle due to the natural enzymes break down bacteria and other material

Designed to work between a pH of 3-6.5, perfect for hydroponic systems and rootzone, but will remain effective up to a pH of 7.


This product and be used with all types of growth media and in all Hydroponic systems. Use Zen Zyme in conjunction with your regular nutrient programme as this is a bio-stimulant and is not a complete feed.

Root Feed – Add at a rate of 2.5ml/L to your watering can or reservoir and start applying as soon as you have planted out and throughout until harvest.

How it Works

Zenzym works by breaking the 1.4-beta linkages in glucan molecules in a process called hydrolysis, working similar to an exfoliator by removing a layer of hardened root sheath. Zenzym originates from Trichoderma sp and Humicola sp of fungus, and contains many impactful enzymes, below is a breakdown of 5 of the most important Enzymes in the formula.

  • Cellulase - Breaks down cellulose, the starchy material in plant matter, by a process known as hydrolysis. Glucose or other sugars are produced as a result.
  • Xylanase - Breaks down one of the major components in plant cell walls, the polysaccaride xylan into xylose.
  • Pectinase- Breaks down pectin, a polysaccharide found in plant cell walls.
  • Beta glucanase - The enzyme aids in autolysis of yeast cells to release polysaccharides and mannoproteins.
  • Ferulic acid easterase (Hemicellulase) - Releases Ferulic acid from cell walls. Ferulic acid aids with cell wall rigidity, acting as a crosslink between the lignin's and polysaccharides found in lignocellulose of plant cell walls. This works best in the presence of xylanase and other enzymes.

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