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Shogun Fertilisers Samurai Terra Bloom is a brand new, mineral based, nutrient formula developed in the UK, using UK water, and for use in all soil mediums.

As with all Shogun Fertilisers, Samurai Terra Bloom utilises their esteemed SmartZen Maximiser technology, a special formula that’s already used, and proven to work, in their Hydro & Coco feeds and is now available in a soil specific feed for the very first time.

SmartZen Maximiser is exclusive to Shogun Fertilisers which works by helping with the uptake, and transportation, of vital nutrients allowing plants to thrive, but can also help plants cope better with any environmental stresses that may occur, such as spikes in environmental temperatures.

Test grows when using Samurai Terra Bloom showed that not only did plants blossom, harvests were of greater quality and also displayed increased yields by a staggering 6-8% over standard NPK base feeds.


  • Specially developed formula for use in soil mediums
  • Incorporates SmartZen Maximiser which is exclusive to Shogun Fertilisers
  • Can help increase final yields by 6-8%
  • Developed in the UK using UK water


2-4ml per litre used throughout the Bloom phase.

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