Shogun - Geisha Foliar Spray


Size: 750ml
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Shogun Fertilisers Geisha Foliar has been designed as an all-around product – working to boost crop growth and yield quality, as well as enhancing flowering receptors. Made from advanced ingredients, Geisha Foliar works in two stages. It can be used throughout both the vegetative and flowering periods.

When used throughout the vegetative stage it helps to increase plant metabolism, aiding in enhanced water uptake and more bud sites being created. More bud sites mean more chance of flowers/fruits growing, giving an overall better yield.

Further use during the flowering period will work to increase the quality and yield of the plant. The foliar stimulates metabolic pathways within the plants, allowing them to use more energy on growth and maintaining structures.

  • Increases flowering sites by up to 5%
  • Better growth efficiency and plant health
  • Safe for use in both vegetative and flowering stages of growth
  • No mixing or pH adjustment required – supplied as ready to use


Geisha Foliar comes supplied as ready to use (RTU), with no mixing or pH adjustment required before use. Use every two weeks, making sure to cover the entire plant, including all stems and both the top and undersides of the leaves.

DO NOT use this foliar whilst the lights are on in your grow room. Water droplets, when magnified from the heat of the lamp, may burn and damage the leaves. Best used after lights out, or just before to minimise the time under light.

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