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A CalMag product is usually seen as a repair product for when you have deficiency but Shogun Fertilisers see it as something different. Calcium and Magnesium are used by plants to improve nutrient uptake and translocation.

Quite simply CalMag by Shogun Fertilisers moves nutrients and essential elements around your plant quicker to achieve better results as the plants' essential functions are helped to perform better. Shogun Fertilisers CalMag also contains iron which prevents yellowing of the leaves and nitrogen for increased chlorophyll production and plant strength.

Shogun Fertilisers CalMag can be used with your other nutrients and is recommended to be used alongside the other products in the Shogun Fertilisers range, in particular PK Warrior 9/18 for optimum results.


  • Helps improve nutrient uptake
  • To be used throughout vegetative and flowering stages
  • Prevents calcium and magnesium deficiencies
  • Suitable for soil, coco and hydroponic systems


Root Feed: 1-2ml per litre to be used throughout vegetative and flowering phases.

Foliar Feed: 10-15ml per litre to be sprayed onto leaves once a week to correct nutrient imbalances.


What should the EC be for a CalMag foliar spray?

At 10ml/L the EC should be 2.4 (24CF)

In soft water with a background of 0 CF

At 15ml/L the EC should be 3.6 (36CF)

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