Sealz Vacuum Sealer Essentials (Starter Pack)


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Sealz Vacuum Sealer Essentials is a starter pack containing the sealer + one of each of the 3 different-size bags.  Sealz vacuum sealer is a battery-less design powered by USB-C or Lightning port from your phone. 

What's included

  • A SEALZ Vacuum Pump (Lightning & USB-C)
  • 1x Large bag: 9.75x9.75 inches. Fill up to 112 g  
  • 1x Medium Bag: 9.75x5.5 inches. Fill up to 35 g  
  • 1x Small bag: 6x4.25 inches. Fill up to 14 g

The Sealz Vaccum Sealer bags feature 7 layers of PE plastic to maximise odour control, they're also entirely reusable thanks to the intelligently designed seal bar that's both patent-pending and guarantees that Sealz is in the market of making single-use plastics redundant. 

Preserve your organic goods up to 5X longer with SEALZ® technology, Sealz can keep organic matter preserved up until day 65 whilst keeping 99% of smells and odours locked inside the vacuum-sealed package. 

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