Scrog Line Pro 1.2


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The SCROGLinePro, was designed and engineered from the ground up for maximizing yield,per garden space, per watt of light. The Scrog Line Pro is an innovative single pot SCROG system. Each Scrog Line Pro contains the frame system and elasticated SCROG Net.

The Scrog Line Pro is intended for use with a single pot and single plant. Simply install the Scrog Line Pro by pushing the legs into the growing medium in your chosen pot and you are ready to grow.

  • Scrog Line Pro 1.0 measure 50cm across. 4 pots fit perfectly inside a 1m tent. Recommended for pots between 11 and 15 litres.
  • Scrog Line Pro 1.2 measures 60cm across. 4 pots fit perfectly inside a 1.2m tent. Recommended for pots 18 litres and larger.

The distance between the net and the medium is roughly 20-25cm.

The SCROG or "SCreen Of Green" technique of growing that ensures an even canopy height. This means each plants gets the same light exposure. The mesh provides support for your plants as they get heavier and makes for easy training. This growing technique, when done correctly, offers heavier yields.

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