Sanlight EVO Magnetic Dimmer AB0007


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The SANlight EVO Magnetic Dimmer allows you to control your SANlight EVO LED grow light using a 2-sided magnetic fob. This ‘plug and play’, touch-on, magnetic dimmer slots neatly into your LED lamp. IT takes 12V DC power from the LED.

  • You'll need one EVO Magnetic dimmer for every light you want to control.
  • IP65 protection
  • Dimming is available from 40% to 100% in 4 steps
  • Fade in - the power of the light is slowly increased to the pre-set dim level in around 5-minutes.

Controlling light intensity through the ability to dim your SANlight EVO series lights helps to regulate the size of your plants. Additionally, lowering the light intensity for the early stages of your plants’ life means you can use the same light fixtures throughout your plants’ whole life cycle.

The magnetic key fob offers two types of control with "dim" (White side) and "fade" (black side) settings.

Dimming Control (White Side)

The SANlight magnetic key fob offers the following dimming controls. The currently set dimming level is indicated via 3x green LEDs:

Green LED Status
3 x LEDs 100%
2 x LEDs 80%
1 x LEDs 60%
All Off 40%


Fade In Active Control 

The SANlight magnetic key fob offers the following fade in controls. The fade in setting is indicated via the orange LED:

Orange LED Illumination Status 
Flashing Fade in activated
Solid Fade in on but not active
Off Off


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