RootIT Dry Peat Free Propagation Rooting Cells

ROOT!TSKU: 10048

Size: Tray of 24
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The ROOT!T Dry Peat Free Propagation Rooting cells is a great way to start propagation, and the ideal addition to any standard size propagator.

The handy 24-cell tray containing 24 dry peat-free advanced natural polymer rooting plugs which fits most standard seed trays. The unique octagonal cells of the tray ensure a small air gap around the plugs to air-prune the new roots for more rapid development after potting on. The dry plugs are lightweight and can be stored for a long time with no fear of mould development. Simply steep overnight in a solution of ROOT!T First Feed to hydrate before use. The plugs have a stepped dibble (hole) in the top, first a wider hole to accept seed, and beneath that a narrower, deeper hole to accept cuttings. The plugs are natural and biodegradable and will break down naturally into the substrate or soil. The cell tray can be re-used with fresh plugs.  

  • Peat free plugs
  • Suitable for propagation from seeds or cuttings
  • Made from natural coco fibre, eco-friendly and biodegradable 
    Dry, resistant to mould and fungus growth 
    Lightweight, easy to store and transport
  • Durable, reusable polystyrene moulded cell tray
  • Fits any standard propagator 

Technical Specifications:   
Plug material: Coco fibre and natural polymer 
Cell tray material: Polystyrene 
Plug size: Ø32 mm x 38 mm high (Ø1.26” x 1.5”) 

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