Rhino Twin Speed Fan

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Size: Rhino Twin Speed - 100 - 4" 160/280m3/h Fan
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The Rhino twin speed fans are speed adjustable by using the switch on the side of the fan, switching airflow for better control of your grow room environment.

The Rhino Fans have durable casing, manufactured from reinforced plastic (Steel on some models) for a strong outer casing which prevents leaks. Rhino Fans come hard wired with a UK plug so ready to use from the box.

  • Minimum amount of noise & highly efficient
  • 2 airflow speeds
  • Can be installed in any position
  • Maintenance free
  • Come hard-wired with UK plug
  • Please note: fans are now White

4" (100mm) High Power

  • Neck size: 100mm (4”)
  • Maximum Airflow: 160m3/hr or 280m3/hr
  • Recommended filter size: 100x300mm 4"
  • Decibels (approx.): 35db
  • Watts: 40
  • Amps: 0.18
  • Casing: Polyamide/Nylon UL94 non-inflammable

5" (125mm) High Power

  • Neck size: 125mm (5”)
  • Maximum Airflow: 220m3/hr or 400m3/hr
  • Recommended filter size: 125x300mm 5"
  • Decibels (approx.): 38db
  • Watts: 60
  • Amps: 0.26
  • Casing: Polyamide/Nylon UL94 non-inflammable

6" (150mm) High Power

  • Neck size: 150mm (6”)
  • Maximum Airflow: 390m3/hr or 760m3/hr
  • Recommended filter size: 150x600mm 6"
  • Decibels (approx.): 45db
  • Watts: 105
  • Amps: 0.46
  • Casing: Polyamide/Nylon UL94 non-inflammable

8" (200mm) High Power

  • Neck size: 200mm (8”)
  • Maximum Airflow: 450m3/hr or 950m3/hr
  • Recommended filter size: 200x600mm 8"
  • Decibels (approx.): 45db
  • Watts: 160
  • Amps: 0.67
  • Casing: Polyamide/Nylon UL94 non-inflammable

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