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If you're using a Rhino EC Ultra Silent and/or a Rhino EC Ultra fan, this controller is perfect for you. The Rhino EC Smart Fan Controller allows you to slow down or speed up your fans to adjust the temperature in your grow room.

You can have fans running from as low as 1% up to 100% of their standard speed, in 1% increments. The device is easy to use and simple to install. It comes with a temperature probe to allow auto control of the temperature in your grow room.

General Information

  • The unit must be used with Rhino EC fans;
  • The fan controller comprises a digital touch screen display;
  • The unit includes a temperature probe for temperature auto control;


  • It's easy to use and set up;
  • It provides accurate controls;
  • The unit is energy efficient;
  • The device plugs directly into Rhino EC fans;
  • The unit comprises 100 steps for linear and smooth controls.

How to Use

The controller comes with a cable, which helps you connect the unit to a Rhino EC fan. Ensure that your intake fan is smaller than the extractor fan. It's how you can maintain negative pressure in your grow room.

Rhino Ultra EC Smart Fan Controller with Thermal Probe can maintain your desired temperature level by automatically adjusting the speed of all connected fans. For use with EC motor fans.


  • Simple installation and use
  • Control multiple fans
  • Ultimate fan control

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