Revolution Vector Silent EC v2 Fan + CarboAir Extraction Kit

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Size: 6" Kit
Option: Regular Acoustic
Length: 5m
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The Silenced Revolution Vector and CarboAir kit give you everything you need for unbeatable STEALTH extraction. You can upgrade this kit to the Phonic Trap Ducting for ultimate soundproofing (it's dough..but you'll definitely notice the difference!!)

Silenced Vector fans move an incredible amount of air and result from years of testing and millions of pounds of research.

What You Get As Standard - Upgrade Options Available.

EC Silenced Revolution Vector Fan CarboAir Accessories
6" - 764 m3/h 6" x 660mm (50 bed) Acoustic Ducting, 1 x Padded Clamp, 2 x jubilee clip
8" - 1345m3/h 8" x 660mm (50 bed) Acoustic Ducting, 1 x Padded Clamp, 2 x jubilee clip
10" - 2102m3/h 10" x 1000mm (50 bed) Acoustic Ducting, 1 x Padded Clamp, 2 x jubilee clip
12" - 2224m3/h 12" x 660mm (60 bed) Acoustic Ducting, 1 x Padded Clamp, 2 x jubilee clip


Their frictionless EC motor allows fan speed regulation from 1-100% and massive energy savings compared to other fans. Unlike AC fans, which output air at around 90 degrees, air exits the Silenced Revolution Vector in almost a straight line, making it travel much more efficiently down your ducting and create less noise along the way. Not only that, it's a single sealed unit, so you can rest assured no smells will escape from your fan housing.

Until now, carbon filter manufacturers have given you a choice between filters that either massively stifle your fan or inefficiently remove smells. The included CarboAir filters offer thicker beds (60mm instead of the industry average 50mm) of coarser, high-quality carbon.

This not only allows incredible airflow but also removes any possible traces of smells. Alongside this ultimate duo, you will receive Acoustic Ducting, insulation lined to remove any excess air movement noise from your extraction set-up.

  • All the benefits of the Revolution Vector with a silent acoustic housing
  • Silenced Revolution Vector and CarboAir, Designed to perfectly match each other
  • Features a cutting edge frictionless EC motor
  • Can be regulated from 1-100% - fine-tune your environment
  • It saves you money - uses 50% of the energy of other fans
  • 60mm high-quality coarse CarboAir carbon bed depth gives more contact time, offering unbeatable airflow and eradication of unwanted odours
  • Sealed fan unit, ensuring no smelly air leaks from your fan
  • Includes acoustic ducting, removing unwanted air movement noise from your extraction.
  • All fittings and fixtures included

Which Size Kit Do I Need for my Grow Tent?

There is a (relatively) easy formula to determine which size extraction you need for your space, find out the volume in m3 (meters cubed) of your grow space with Width x Length x Height = Volume. Then, Volume x 60 = Air Movement Per Hour (this will refresh the air in your grow room every minute).

Bear in mind it's always better to over-spec your fan and reduce its output with a controller. This gives you the flexibility to increase its output to maintain optimum conditions for your plants, for example, in the middle of summer.

Also, if you don't over-spec your fan, it will have to run at 100% to maintain optimum conditions, which reduces its lifespan (run anything at 100% 24/7, and it's not going to be happy!). You're better off over speccing and running it at 60-80% power - that way, you also future proof yourself if/when you get a bigger grow room.

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