Revolution Vector EC Fan

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Size: 6" - 796m3/hr
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The SystemAir Revolution Vector EC Fan was designed to move huge masses of air and with low energy consumption.

The unit is built to ensure high levels of efficiency and effectiveness. With no humming or vibration, even at low speeds, the product is almost indestructible.

The motor doesn't overheat, and the body comprises a strong composite material. Each unit uses EC technology ensuring a powerful fan, which offers increased control. Growers use this EC fan to achieve the perfect environment in the grow room.

General Information

  • The unit includes a digital EC motor;
  • The fans generate huge pressure levels;
  • Allows you to adjust from 1% to 100%;
  • The fans are available in 3 sizes;
  • It's made for use with the G.A.S EC Fan Controller.


  • The unit is made at the highest SystemAir standards;
  • The fans have a low energy consumption;
  • The product comes with a 2-year warranty;
  • The product has a sleek, compact, lightweight, and modern design;
  • Uses plug and play technology;

The Science

Vector fans comprise EC (electronically commutated) motors, which deliver increased levels of efficiency. They consume about 50% of the power of a standard duct fan. Also, these fans shift huge volumes of air. When you apply Phonic Trap ducting to the fans, you achieve superior noise cancelling. You must use vector fans together with the G.A.S controllers, which are made especially for EC motors. You can adjust fans with maximum precision, in 1% increments. These fans are designed to be airtight and comprise sealed composite casings.

How to Use

Both EC vector fans and controllers have female connectors. The connectors are delivered with cables, which allow the fans to be operated without the controller. Depending on what speed controller you use, you can determine the cables you need for the setup. Often times, you'll need a 5 m male-to-male cable.

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