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Remo VeloKelp boosts root growth and branching as a root growth and foliar supplement!

All natural ingredients such as macronutrients, vitamins, and seaweed extracts and used during all growth stages. It's the most efficient and beneficial during the propagation phase. The product encourages strong root development. It helps your plants achieve a high-performance root system from the start. Also, it reduces stress caused by unfavourable environmental conditions, transportation, or transplanting. During the vegetative phase, the product helps your plants grow strong shoots and new components.

  • VeloKelp is designed for the propagation, vegetative, and blooming phases;
  • Ccontains essential macronutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium
  • Comprises seaweed extracts, humic and fulvic acids, and vitamins. The NPK ratio is 1-1-1
  • The formula is easily absorbable and will increase nutrient uptake 
  • The additive contains natural macronutrients and it's chemical-free
  • Growers also use the product as a foliar spray;

Propagation: Promotes vigorous root development and reduces transplant shock.

Vegetative Cycle: Helps with the generation of new shoots and appendages.

Flowering Cycle: Assists with nutrient uptake. VeloKelp can be used as an additive or very effective foliar spray. 

VeloKelp’s main ingredients are humic and fulvic acid, B vitamins, and two types of cold pressed extracted sea kelp (one from the Atlantic and one from the Pacific). It is filtered during our manufacturing process, so completely safe to use in hydroponic systems.

Use the formula during the propagation, vegetative and flowering phases. Growers use VeloKelp at a dosage of 1 - 2.6 ml/L.

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