Refillable Carbon Filter Kit (inc Charcoal Refill)

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Size: 4" (356 m3/h) | AC-RCF4
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This refillable carbon filter pairs with an inline duct fan to improve air quality in hydroponic grow rooms and grow tents. The kit includes a prefilled carbon filter, a convenient funnel and scoop set and a charcoal refill for continuous odour scrubbing. Additional refills will be available for purchase.

  • Reusable carbon filter features a patented design that eliminates the need to replace entire filters.
  • Includes 1+ refill to match the filtration capacity of two standard carbon filters while costing less.
  • Removable twist-off flanges support easy, tool-free refilling using the included funnel and scoop.
  • A larger chamber is lab-tested to block odours as effectively as standard filters with no compression required.
  • Dual-layered steel mesh with a protective coating withstands high humidity in grow tents through many grow cycles.

An iF Award-winning, replenishable carbon filter replaces standard duct filters permanently, offering a cost-effective solution for grow tent odours. The charcoal fan filter kit, with 1+ refill, equals the efficiency of two standard carbon filters at a more affordable price. Additional refills are available, enhancing the kit's value and eliminating the need for active charcoal compression during the refilling process.

Revolutionize your air purification with this groundbreaking filtration system, eliminating the hassle of buying and discarding filters regularly. Crafted with premium Australian virgin charcoal, each filter, coupled with 1+ refill, boasts an extended lifespan. The activated charcoal's increased surface area and adsorption rate mean longer intervals between refills, and the filter's easily reversible flanges further enhance the charcoal bedding's durability. Maximize utility by composting the used supply when replenishing the charcoal.

Experience the ultimate in odour control with our activated charcoal, securely sealed by aluminium flanges and a robust rubber seal in your top-of-the-line filter. Engineered with two layers of galvanized steel meshing featuring a sandblasted finish, our filter safeguards the charcoal bedding with unparalleled durability. These meticulously crafted layers collaborate to block odours seamlessly, excelling even in the most humid environments, thanks to enhanced resistance to rust and corrosion.

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