Rainforest Hydro Cloner 72

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This is a powerful hydroponic module, designed for propagation. It is designed to maximise the amount of oxygen available to plant roots and thus to accelerate the rooting process.

GHE RainForest 72 Propagator is the latest aeroponic propagation module which uses the vortex motor from the original Aeroponic Rainforest range to deliver perfectly oxygenated nutrient solution to up to 72 cuttings, without the need for protective covers.

Used by some of the world’s biggest labs including Los Alamos and the Argonne National Laboratory in the USA, the Rainforest72 delivers the most dramatic growth rates of any system they have tested.

  • 1 x 70L Tank
  • 1 x Vortex® Sprayer
  • 1 x cover/ring
  • 6 x 6" (Ø 15 cm) lid inserts
  • 6 x 6” (Ø 15 cm) black net pots
  • 1 x Clay pebbles
  • 1 x Flora Series 1L
  • 1 x pH Test Kit and 10g pH Down Dry
  • 1 x set of detailed instructions

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