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Pulse Zero is a redesign of the most popular sensor, Pulse One.

Utilizing the same connectivity platform and internal components, Pulse Zero is a more compact and affordable sensor while still maintaining the outstanding reliability and accuracy of all Pulse products.
Our smart grow room monitor lets you track and optimize the essential environmental conditions in your grow, and will send you instant alerts if something goes wrong. 

Dial in your grow with 24/7 live and historical data:

☁️  Vapor Pressure Deficit

🌡️    Temperature 

💧   Relative Humidity 

💡   Light Intensity (Lux)

🌱  Dew Point

Get peace of mind with our cross-platform app:

  • Instant, reliable alerts, customized for your grow
  • Unlimited number of sensors, locations, and WiFi networks viewable on one dashboard
  • Integrated memory to store and sync data in case of connection loss
  • Day & night averages for any selected time period
  • Connectivity & power outage notifications
  • Works on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac

Pulse Zero is designed and manufactured in the USA, uses Swiss-made sensors, and is backed by a one year warranty. 

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