Proactive Nano Power Powder 130g


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Increases CO2 levels within the leaves and guarantee optimum performance! This is the power of the Proactive Nano Power Powder.

The powder itself is made up of 16 micronutrients, which are designed to supplement the plant’s ability to grow and bloom by feeding the plant via the stomata - the most efficient type of foliar application - and providing the leaves with CO2.

How does it work?

As a result of their patented manufacturing process which produces nanoparticles of calcite, Proactive Nano Power Powder has a clear effect on CO2 content inside leaves, leading to improved performance within the plant.

This calcite (CaCO3) penetrates the leaf through the stomata as a solid element and is then modified through the plant enzymatic system, resulting in the production of C02 + CaO. After penetrating leaves through their stomata, it is transformed into CO2, as well as calcium oxide working to immediately strengthen the cell walls of the leaves. 

In summary, Proactive Nano Powder provides a source of CO2 that's generated as close to the plant as you can get ...a lot closer than any mushroom bag hanging in your room!

It's worth noting, Proactive Nano Power Powder not only contains calcium which will improve yield quality, and silica to increase the plant’s natural resistance to environmental stresses... this is probably the only cal mag product that contains no nitrogen (pick up any bottle and have a look for yourself!). 

Don't just take our word for it..this product has been created by the legend Jeff Winterbourne - google this guy  Written books, is a grow consultant to many facilities (and no doubt has signed many NDAs to other secret squirrel projects)  - Jeff is THE guy. He knows his shit. 

How To Use

  1. 2 to 4 spoons per litre (a spoon is included) during weeks 1 through 7 of the bloom
  2. Fill the spray bottle with half the required amount of water and start agitation.
  3. Add Nano Power Powder, and the rest of the water, and maintain agitation.
  4. Do not allow the mixture to stand without agitation.
  5. Once you've used it, chuck the rest doesn't stay "nano" for long.
  6. Apply during night hours or low light (dim it down, spray, wait couple hours, and turn them back up again) 

3% Total Magnesium oxide (MgO)
41.7% Total Calcium oxide (Ca0)
8% Total Silicon dioxide (SiO2)

The product is allowed for use in organic farming, in accordance with the EC regulation n° 834/2007

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