Pro METU Fast Clamps


Size: 4"
Sale price£14.00


The METU Fast Clamp is the ultimate tool to help you connect your ventilation system. The top-quality clamp is made from galvanised steel and polyethylene foam. It comprises a 1-bolt fixing system, which guarantees a quick fitting. The foam seals a difference of up to 4 mm in duct sizes. With these duct accessories, you can connect CarboAir carbon filters directly to the fans.

General Information

The product comprises 1 screw to secure the joint;

The product helps you connect the CarboAir filter to the fan;

The METU Fast clamp is available in different 6 sizes including 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 315mm;

The product comprises polyethylene foam.


It's made from top-quality materials;

It's reusable;

Creates an air-tight seal;

It's easy to use and install;

Belongs to the range of premium GSA fan accessories.

How to Use

The clamp includes a 1-bolt fixing system, which helps you easily connect the CarboAir filter to your fan.

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