Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller & Sensor


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Get precise CO2 control with a Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller. You can adjust the output from 400ppm - 2000ppm.

CO2 is known to increase photosynthesis – how plants produce sugars. An increase in sugar production improves growth and strengthens plants all-round.

Some growers harness CO2 as a way of shortening their growth cycle. Even small increases in CO2 are beneficial. An optimum level of 1200ppm can increase your yield by up to 20-30%!

To prevent CO2 waste, dosing is restricted to lights-on when plants use CO2. You can use it with bottled CO2, or propane gas controls CO2 output (from 400ppm - 2000ppm). Use it with bottled CO2 or propane gas Day & night mode1 year manufacturer's warranty.

The Pro-Leaf PPM-B1 is a digital CO2 Controller with adjustable CO2 set-point accurate remote CO2 sensor and equipped with a photocell that detects day/night conditions.

The unit has CO2 PPM increase fuzzy logic and CO2 PPM decrease functions.

PPM-B1 Specifications:

  • Power input & Power output: 240VAC/10AMP/50Hz
  • Sensor cord length: 4.5m
  • Co2 Range: 400-2000 PPM
  • Co2 Accuracy: +100 PPM

How to Use the Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller

Clear and concise instructions are included in the box. Here is a rough overview:

1) Press the PPM knob (on the left) and select your PPM set point.

2) Press the 'Dead band' knob (on the right) and select your Dead band level. Dead band works similarly to hysteresis. It decides how far you are willing to let the PPM deviate before automatically correcting the situation. The smaller the dead band, the quicker the unit will respond.

3) Choose a 'control mode' setting using the switch on the bottom right-hand side. 'PPM Up' is used when you are increasing CO2 levels with a gas-powered generator. 'Fuzzy Logic' should be selected if you want to use a CO2 bottle and regulator. 'PPM Down' is used when regulating fans so that they kick in when CO2 levels get too high. This option will rarely be used in most grow rooms because the priority will be increasing CO2 levels.

There's a 'Max / Min' feature that will tell you the maximum and minimum PPM levels while you were away. All you need to do is click both buttons simultaneously.

Always keep the controller at least 2.5 metres away from any digital ballasts.

The Pro-Leaf cannot be used alongside a sulphur vaporiser. Failure to take adequate care of it will invalidate the warranty. If you do wish to use a sulphur vaporiser, ensure that you remove the sensor from the affected area first.

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