Plenum Box - For use with Opticlimates


Size: For use with Opticlimate Pro 3 - 3500
Sale price£95.00


Connect Ducting Easily to Your Opticlimate with a Plenum Box

The Plenum Box is a tough insulated case that can be installed at the back of your Opticlimate Pro 3 air conditioning system. Using the Plenum Box, it is possible to place the Opticlimate outside the grow room. Doing this in conjunction with a 3-way valve can split the Opticlimates air conditioning ability into two separate rooms. The Plenum box comes with four perforated (pre-cut) holes just attached to the corresponding size of the flange to easily secure ducting wherever is required.

  • Allows your Opticlimate to be placed outside of your grow room
  • It can be used to split a single Opticlimate systems air conditioning ability into two separate rooms
  • Four perforated holes to fit your ducting from any angle
  • Available in a range of sizes to match your Opticlimate system

Which size Plenum Box do I need?

Choose the Opticlimate you own from the drop-down for the perfectly matched Plenum Box; please note that the plenum boxes are designed around different diameter ducting, so please use the guide below to choose your ducting:

Plenum box for Opticlimate Pro 3 – 3500 – 250mm Ducting
Plenum box for Opticlimate Pro 3 – 6000 – 250mm Ducting
Plenum box for Opticlimate Pro 3 – 10000 – 315-350mm Ducting
Plenum box for Opticlimate Pro 3 – 15000 – 315-350mm Ducting

Which ducting do we recommend for Opticlimates?

You’re open to using any ducting with Opticlimates. Still, we recommend using combi-ducting, which is more sturdy than traditional aluminium ducting and better able to cope with humidity than acoustic ducting.

How to use the Plenum Box?

The Plenum Box easily hooks onto the back of your Opticlimate over the rectangular filter. Before attaching it to the Opticlimate, decide and cut the relevant holes out of the pre-perforated metal on the Plenum Box using wire cutters.

Then, attach your flange (available separately) using Tek screws. After installing onto your Opticlimate, secure with duct tape. You’re then able to attach your choice of ducting using a duct clip. This gives you the ability to have you Opticlimate outside of your grow room and pull in the air from the growing space and effectively air condition.

If you're looking to use your Opticlimate in two rooms, you’ll need an Opticlimate 3 Way Valve. This attaches to the front of your Opticlimate and diverts the air into 2 spaces. Although this is a great, low-cost solution for maintaining temperature in 2 spaces using 1 Opticlimate, it does remove some of the functionality, such as pre-cool and dehumidifies.

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