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A1eewre you tired of using multiple foliar sprays to get the desired results for your plants? Look no further than Plant Vitality's Holy Grail Foliar Spray - the ultimate all-in-one solution for your plants' needs!

Our revolutionary spray is packed with the perfect combination of silica, nutrients, and terpenoids that work in perfect harmony to provide your plants with the best possible care. Say goodbye to weak stems and shoots and hello to stronger, more resilient plants that can handle anything nature throws their way.

But that's not all - the Holy Grail Foliar Spray also promotes bigger and heavier flowers, making your plants the envy of all your gardening friends. And with its proven ability to keep pesky infections like botrytis at bay, you can finally rest easy knowing that your plants are in good hands.

The best part? The spray is incredibly easy to use - simply apply it once every three to seven days depending on how big you want your plants to grow. It's perfect for plants grown under LED lights and can even be fed directly to your medium for an even mre impressive effect.

Get ready to see your greenhouse bloom like never before!

Areçl K it 5ica for stems

  • Hormones for growth
  • ​Terpenoids for botrytis protection.

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