Plant Magic Flush Finish


Size: 1L
Sale price£14.00


Utilise Plant Magic Flush Finish to assist plants in using up the last of the nutrients and flushing out the extra salt. When compared to using only water to flush, the end product has a significantly better flavour and, in some cases, a higher yield. Additionally, it contains a hormone that promotes maturation, enabling earlier harvesting of your plants.

All growing systems and media are compatible with flush finish. The Plant Magic feed chart advises using Flush Finish one week before your final week of harvesting. Utilise 5ml of Flush Finish per litre. It's important not to pH your water when using this product, and you shouldn't combine it with any other products either. For the best results, stop using Flush Finish after a week of use, then use water only for the final week.

Plant Magic Flush Finish is available in 1L, 5L & 10L bottles.

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