Plant Magic Enzyme


Size: 1L
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Plant Magic Enzyme is a high-quality product that speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material, making it available to the plant again in the form of sugars. With no dead roots to attack, pathogens and diseases have a much harder time getting a foothold on the plant. It is therefore, in effect, more resistant to diseases.

The new root growth supported by the nutrients provided by the broken down dead roots can in turn help take up more nutrients, making the plant even more vigorous and healthy. Depending on the type and source of the enzyme, they are susceptible to attack from tank cleaning products like hydrogen peroxide (in Growth Technology's 'liquid oxygen').

Our product does not suffer from this kind of setback. Enzymes are substances that enable and often significantly accelerate certain reactions in living organisms. For example, enzymes play a vital role in our digestion as they break down the food we eat into useable molecules.

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