Phresh Premium Carbon Filers


Size: 6" X 600
Sale price£145.00


Becoming known for producing the World's finest carbon filter doesn't happen over night! Phresh have gained this reputation worldwide through years of development, a strict quality control and an attention to detail.

Phresh source the best grade of carbon for their filters from Australian mines

Phresh Premium Exhaust filter stands above the competition in performance and lifespan, providing peace of mind for up to three years.

Airbourne particles a Phresh Filter Eliminates

Pesticides/herbicides 0.001nm

Paint pigment 1-5nm

Odours/Diterpenes 1-10nm

Mould spores 10-30nm

Plant spores 3-40nm

Common dusts 30-600nm

Plant pollens 10-1000nm

A macro-pore is larger than 50nm
A meso-pore is between 2-50nm
A micro-pore is below 2nm
Nm means nanometre

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